Andrew & Helen Curry

Last Updated: Thursday, 09 August 2018


Andrew and Helen are currently ministering in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa, where they have been based with SIM since 2010.


Andrew has been connected with St. Leonard’s for a while, as his family moved to Exeter when he was ten years old, and so he grew up as a teenager at St. Leonard’s during which time he put his faith in Christ. After University he worked as a solicitor for three years in London before studying at Bible college. He met Helen in London, and they married in 2005, while Helen was completing her GP training. They have two children, Thomas (2010) and Esther (2012).


“Our desire is to share the Christian gospel with Senegalese people,” they say. “Many Senegalese have no understanding of Jesus and what He came to do.” Officially, 94% of Senegalese are Muslim, and 5% Catholic; only 0.2% identify themselves as evangelical. Despite the Islamic majority there is freedom of religion, and Andrew and Helen are free to be open about their faith.

Andrew works among the 100,000 students who study in Dakar. In 2010, SIM opened a centre for students, offering English lessons as a way to get to know students and offer them a chance to hear about Christ. Since then, over 120 have been members each year, and some have heard and discussed the Good News, with a few continuing to study the Bible with Andrew.

In addition to this, Andrew offers English lessons through a local church in a poorer area of Dakar once a week. This gives the pastor a chance to get to know more people in the community.

Helen works at a local Christian health clinic, Keru Yakaar (“House of Hope”), which serves mainly poorer Senegalese. In addition to regular consultations, she has started programmes to help patients with diabetes and high blood pressure and organises staff training. She has opportunities to share her faith and pray with patients. In addition, Helen also works in the same local church in the poorer area of Dakar, offering a programme for malnourished children.

Both Andrew and Helen are actively involved in their local Senegalese church, Andrew with preaching and helping disciple the young people, and Helen with discipleship among women.

In 2015, they launched a new project to help train new Christian healthcare workers to strengthen Christian witness in the healthcare sector, and provide employment for local Christians.

Prayer points

Give thanks for :

  • the freedom of religion that exists in Senegal, and her political stability, which means Andrew and Helen can work here for Christ;
  • opportunities through medical work to show Christ’s love practically and to witness to him;
  • the opportunities Andrew has to explain the gospel to Muslim students at the English centre;
  • the local church they attend, and the opportunities to serve there;
  • the work in the church in the poorer part of Dakar
  • the provision of funds to help train more Senegalese healthcare workers;
  • the Lord’s provision and protection.


Pray for :

  • the Lord’s work in the hearts of those to whom Andrew and Helen witness, particularly the Muslim students who are reading the Bible;
  • the gospel witness at Helen’s clinic. They have recently appointed a part-time chaplain, and have some TV screens and Bible resources that can be downloaded to mobile phones, so pray that these maybe well used;
  • the strengthening of local Senegalese believers;
  • the contacts that the church and pastor have with unbelievers in this poorer part of Dakar through Andrew and Helen’s work there;
  • the healthcare workers scholarship project, that the Lord would use those appointed in His service;
  • that that Andrew and Helen would show the joy of knowing Christ and following Him.


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