Pete & Libby Halestrap

Last Updated: Sunday, 12 November 2017

Serving in Kijabe, Kenya with AIM.




Pete and Libby, have three children : Finn (10/08/2009),  Gabe (18/01/2012), and Florence Imani (6.6.2014).

They are working with Africa Inland Mission in Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, seeking to serve the people attending the hospital and living in the surrounding area. There are numerous opportunities to disciple and equip local believers as well as to reach out to unreached people groups who visit the hospital for healthcare.


Pete oversees the outpatient and emergency departments as well as the community health work, which includes three outlying clinics.

As head of the Outpatient Services there is a lot of management work involved in the job, but he also provides clinical coverage for both the Outpatient and Emergency Departments on a day-to-day basis. This is busy and challenging, the severity and complexity of the cases usually being greater than he encountered in the UK. He has made several valuable new initiatives in the department, and positive working relationships have developed within the team. He has been involved in negotiations to commence a Masters programme for Family Medicine in conjunction with Kabarak University, which is all set to begin in September and will bring exciting possibilities to mentor and disciple Christian trainees.

Libby teaches in the pre-school, she and another mother have set up, and is currently exploring the possibility of beginning a programme in the hospital paediatric department. She also takes a Sunday School class at their local church along with a Kenyan friend, and has been learning how to adapt her teaching style to meet the needs of the local children and the resources available. She is involved in a women's Bible study, as well as looking after their children.

Latest news

Pete's work is very busy ,with over 300 patients daily attending the outpatient and emergency departments.  A new consultant joined the outpatient team after Christmas, making the  workload  more manageable. Pete isinvolved with preaching in the waiting room ,and has started a weekly Bible study for the clinical officers in the outpatient department. 10--15 people meet regularly each week, studying Galatians and exploring the impact that God's grace has on their lives.

It is important that as a family they have opportunities to get away from the pressures of hospital life and work. When he is at home he is on call 24/7.

Praise God

  • -for the new consultant in the outpatient team and for the improved work/life balance this has resulted in. 
  • -for a visits from both sets of parents this year, with opportunities to share something of life at Kijabe AND have time away with them.
  • -for the new Bible study group-pray that all who attend wil be built up and strengthened in their faith ,and that this will impact their lives and the patients they interact with.
  • -for good health for the whole family..


  • -that they will depend on the Lord for everything and make spending time with Him their priority.
  • -for the Lord's strength and grace, in the face of tragedy, heavy work load and limited resources, to serve faithfully and joyfully and avoid burnout; also pray they may find adequate time for rest and relaxation.
  • - for the other new clinicians ,expected later in the year -that God will provide all their needs and prepare them as they transition to Kenya.
  • -for opportunities for rest ,spiritual refreshment and renewal whilst in the UK .

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